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    Default OLD BOOKS

    Hello I have a few books i am curious about the first is THE PAINTERS OIL By Burleigh Parkhurst Lee and Shepard Publishers Boston 1903 and copyright 1898. This is a First Edition hard cover book in good condition, I also have APPLIED PHYSICS By Alpheus W. Smith Ph. D. first edition Second Impression McGraw Hill Book Company 1923, GENERAL PSYCOLOGY By Walter S. Hunter The University Of Chicago Press, The Bakers & Taylor Company copyright 1919 Published August 1919, HIGH SCHOOL ALGEBRA, By Milue 1922 and ESSENTIALS OF CHEMISTRY, sixth edition, third printing By, Gretchen O. Luros Ma. J.B. Lippincott Company, copyright 1955 Library of Congress Catolog card no. 55-6288. All these books are hard cover and in good condition and i was wondering if anyone knows their value or where to sell them. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I have three books too and would like to see the.price.of them not sure were.to go on this site.to do it



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