Bokhara Uzbekistan Pendant Traditional Turkmen Art of Central Asia

This is jewelry for the people of the region in which it was made. Alloyed silver crafted into a symbolic shape, somewhat reminiscent of Ghengis Khan's headgear, decorated generously with the Central Asian peoples' favorite gems: turquoise (from the word *Turk*), natural coral and carnelian beads in a variety of shapes.

The coral is old Mediterranean coral brought East at some earlier time, before this highly prized coral became so rare and expensive. The carnelian is a local stone; in fact the mountains that separate Central Asia from the Far East are a rich source of the gemstone that I consider the most beautiful of agates: the carnelian. Hanging from the end of the chains attached to the ancestor symbol are hand cut and hand faceted still unpolished carnelian gems.

The carnelians repeat the color of the natural coral, and repetition of motifs is one of the characteristics of traditional Turkoman or Turkmen jewelry.

The pendant is 56.5mm (2.23in) high, 57mm (2.25in) at its widest point, and 14mm (0.5in) thick. Including the chains and gems hanging from it, the piece is 13.5cm (5.27in) long. It was collected in 1999 while on an expedition to Turkmenistan.

It is an eyecatching piece, completely hand crafted, including the chains, and a genuine piece of history.

The neck chain is modern stainless steel.