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Thread: Magic Cards

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    Default Magic Cards


    I just found a very old box in my garage full with Magic Cards..
    So, I was wondering can I do something with it?

    Maby the are some collecter who wants to see what cards I got?
    I got a lot of ''colour'' (I mean with a shine over it..)
    and some cards with a gold symbol,
    and a lot with a silver symbol

    I think I got over the 500 cards in total..

    Anyway maby someone is interessed is some of my cards, to see what they are worth?!

    If you contact me I can send some pictures of the cards!



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    Default Re: Magic Cards

    well generally the "Gold" symbols are rare, although not all rare cards are necessarily worth much

    shiny cards are usually worth more then regular cards but generally only worth something if rare

    some really rare cards wont have any symbol on them

    some cards in magic are not worth anything, while others can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars (for example a card called Black Lotus)

    if you post some photos or even better post a list of the cards we can tell you which is worth anything and which is not



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