I am a bit strange, and have been trying to collect one £2 for each year that I have been born. In March, when I turned 21, I was agonising that I was still missing one from my birth year - 1992, as well as one from 2002 - a decade later.

I then went on a cruise with my nan, granddad and mum for Easter with P&O, and luck must have struck!! On-board the P&O Arcadia, in April 2013 - I found a £2 coin from 2002!! I was so happy I vowed not to spend it.

So, as crazy as it sounds, I have already booked myself onto P&O Arcadia for 2014, I am so excited. In a way, I find it typical bad luck that I can't find one from my birth year. But who knows? As I have dipped into my savings to repeat my amazing cruise holiday - this time with my fiancé, lady luck might just take pity on me once more!