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    Default Neo Geo Pocket Color

    Heres a fun game I thought of! Take a video game console you bought, and spiff up the story. Heres a story about a man, a moon, and a Neo-Geo Pocket Color.

    One fateful morning, many moons ago, I had embarked on a journey. A journey of many miles over many hills in my mother's Mazda. The journey was to return a broken cube of game. This "game cube" of sorts was black and held the power of the stars. It came with a battery that caught fire and a screen that was in black and white. Needless to say, I wanted my damn 80 rupees back. At 50 aught miles an hour I sped to the bazaar I had been 3 days prior. As I am returning this cube of power and majesty I see something out of the corner of my eye. It was beautiful and sad at the same time, and it was staring deep into my iris, with such a passion I just had to buy it. I inquire about this mysterious object, one the likes I had never seen before. "Tis a Neo-Geo Pocket Color my good fellow" Said the salesman. "I'll sell it to ye' for 25 rupees." The man behind me was furious that I had stolen this jewel from under his nose, and challenged me to a duel. With the power of game cube batteries I light him on fire, and as he burns to a crisp, I play Sonic Pocket Adventure. The End.

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    Default Re: Neo Geo Pocket Color

    Hi BlackDS

    Hey you in deed stumbled onto a gem. If you can you need to find the game called Biometal Unitron. This for me was the best American game released here.
    It is like a mini fighter/Rpg it has lots of levels and good palyability, also the Turfmasters is pretty goood too.



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