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    Default Old School Video Games - Reviewed

    If you are into old school video games, or just want to have a blast remembering video games you played as a kid, be sure to head over to our articles section and check out our old school video game reviews.

    What is special about or reviews?

    While we will post reviews of modern games here and there, RarityGuide.com is about rare and old school, so expect to see lots of reviews for obscure games and games that were your favorites as a child.

    All games are played (and all screenshots taken) on the system itself. We do not use emulators. We wish to relive the magic of old school video games, and feel that we cannot bring you an authentic review unless we play the games on the real thing. All screenshots taken are from the actual video game console, and not from an emulator.

    All game reviews will have at least 2 screenshots, generally one of the title screen and one from gameplay itself.

    We use a percentage based ranking to rank the video games. In addition to an overall ranking, We rank the game along the following factors:

    Sound Effects and Music

    All these factors should be self-explanatory, except perhaps Obscurity, so let me explain:

    We seek to promote playing the more obscure games. RarityGuide.com is all about the rare and the obscure. We believe that playing all those little known games is important for a good grasp of the old school video games world. For example, you have probably played Pac-Man (for sure you have heard of it), but what about Trog , an NES game similar to Pac-Man? You've heard of Diablo, but have you heard of Gateway to Apshai which is one of the original dungeon crawl games that started it all?

    The Obscurity rating promotes less known games, and "penalizes" games that everyone has played or heard about. By doing this, we hope to encourage more people to expand their gaming horizon and try out some fun, but less known, games.

    Feel free to discuss all reviews, and even post reviews of your own, in our forums.

    So game on!
    Founder, RarityGuide.com
    "We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are." -Calvin & Hobbes

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    Default Re: Old School Video Games - Reviewed

    Great reviews, I always read all of them.

    If I get to write a review of my own I'll be sure to post it here.

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    Default Re: Old School Video Games - Reviewed

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