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    Jogger What were your top 5 Old School Arcade Games?

    Here's my top 3 - which was difficult for me to make.

    1 - PACMAN

    Pacman was one of the first arcade games that I was actually good at! Me and my brothers would play a lot of games together - mostly using me as battle fodder or wanting someone to make themselves feel better about their score - and because I was such a young age, I would SUCK at these games. But then, enter Pacman! It had awesome music, flashy colors and it had suspense! It's a game that has managed to endure all these years and is still going now. My favorite part was just rounding up all the ghosts that were chasing me, just egging them on. But as soon as I ate that large, orb thing - vengeance was mine. It was awesome.

    Fun Fact - It was originally going to be called Puck Man because he was shaped like a hockey puck...but that was just way to easy to turn into a rude word.

    2 - GAUNTLET

    Another game that I was seemingly good at - maybe not at first but after a little practice I got really good at this. A four player arcade game that I used to play with my eldest brother in particular. Now what I loved most about this game was not only could you play a fantasy based character (you know - and elf, wizard etc) but the narrator in the background always wound my brother up. We'd be going through the level and my brother would be on really low health. We'd hear ''Elf needs food'' or ''Valkyrie is about to die'' so many times that eventually my brother would rage and throw the controller across the room. Love it.


    I picked this game simply because it was the first arcade game that I played where it felt as thought you were actually in the game. You didn't see a little character you controlled - ''oh no better get him over there''. No, this felt as though you were actually being shot at (well for me anyway). I used the ducking pedal so many times mainly because I was so trigger happy. Really really fun and...this game actually got me into shooter games. Before I never really wanted to play them but Time Crisis was definitely a game that warmed me up to shooters.

    There were so many other games that I wanted to put into the top 3 like :

    Street Fighter 2
    Mortal Kombat 2
    Super Mario Bros.
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
    Space Invader etc.

    So tell me - what's your top 3 and why? Agree or disagree with my list?


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    Default Re: What were your top 5 Old School Arcade Games?

    Tetris, Mortal Combat and Super Mario. I liked also Happy Bird!

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    Default Re: What were your top 5 Old School Arcade Games?

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