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Thread: New meets Old!

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    Post New meets Old!

    This is just kind of a "what do you think about it" question so please reply:

    I love my old school games, but I also like the new console games such as xbox 360. Now do you all think the online xbox feature the "play room" where you can download old atari, intellivision and arcade games is a good or bad? I just dont know if having the availability of those games will introduce some younger generations to some of the pioneer days or will the play room not represent the era and only throw in a few HIGHLY well known games and mostly unpopular games skewing the originality of the idea?

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    I dont think it will represent the whole era properly since like you said it will mostly be classic games like centipede and asteroids, and anyway playing it on xbox is not same as the real thing

    But still it is better then nothing and if it helps expose some of the era's games to new people which might not have otherwise discovered them then its good



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