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  Elvis Presley Game Teen-Age Games 1957 93 percent (Ultra Rare) 2150.00 1300.00 600.00 Search Ebay for Elvis Presley Game board game!
  Boom or Bust Parker Brothers 1959 88 percent (Super Rare) 435.00 280.00 140.00 Search Ebay for Boom or Bust board game!
  Challenge the Yankees Hasbro 1964 86 percent (Super Rare) 1000.00 600.00 350.00 Search Ebay for Challenge the Yankees board game!
  Boom or Bust Parker Brothers 1951 85 percent (Super Rare) 415.00 270.00 120.00 Search Ebay for Boom or Bust board game!
  Dennis the Menace Standard Toykraft 1960 84 percent (Super Rare) 330.00 160.00 80.00 Search Ebay for Dennis the Menace board game!
  Flash Gordon Game Gems 1965 83 percent (Super Rare) 215.00 110.00 40.00 Search Ebay for Flash Gordon board game!
  Time Tunnel Ideal 1966 82 percent (Super Rare) 250.00 160.00 60.00 Search Ebay for Time Tunnel board game!
  Godzilla Ideal 1963 81 percent (Super Rare) 375.00 200.00 100.00 Search Ebay for Godzilla board game!
  Wild Wild West Transogram 1966 81 percent (Super Rare) 650.00 390.00 170.00 Search Ebay for Wild Wild West board game!
  Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion Lakeside 1975 78 percent (Extremely Collectible) 445.00 200.00 80.00 Search Ebay for Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion board game!
  Dark Tower Milton Bradley 1981 76 percent (Extremely Collectible) 390.00 240.00 95.00 Search Ebay for Dark Tower board game!
  Voice of the Mummy Milton Bradley 1971 74 percent (Extremely Collectible) 315.00 130.00 40.00 Search Ebay for Voice of the Mummy board game!
  Ice Cube Milton Bradley 1972 69 percent (Highly Collectible) 280.00 180.00 70.00 Search Ebay for Ice Cube board game!
  Planet of the Apes Adventure Set Amsco 1975 68 percent (Highly Collectible) 213.00 105.00 40.00 Search Ebay for Planet of the Apes Adventure Set board game!
  Blade Runner CPC 1982 67 percent (Highly Collectible) 250.00 150.00 70.00 Search Ebay for Blade Runner board game!
  Outer Limits Milton Bradley 1964 66 percent (Highly Collectible) 323.00 210.00 110.00 Search Ebay for Outer Limits board game!
  Beatles - Flip Your Wig Milton Bradley 1964 64 percent (Highly Collectible) 195.00 90.00 38.00 Search Ebay for Beatles - Flip Your Wig board game!
  Fireball Island Milton Bradley 1986 64 percent (Highly Collectible) 285.00 180.00 60.00 Search Ebay for Fireball Island board game!
  Mystery Date Milton Bradley 1965 63 percent (Highly Collectible) 153.00 100.00 38.00 Search Ebay for Mystery Date board game!
  Route 66 Transogram 1962 62 percent (Highly Collectible) 248.00 90.00 40.00 Search Ebay for Route 66 board game!
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