Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 67 – Kill Or Be Killed (Heart Of The Machine: The Final Step)

Head forward and into the doorway that just opened behind where the statue rested. It is time to start into the Heart of the Machine itself. Once inside go just a little to the left. There is an audio log next to a corpse. That is Dr. Serrano and the recording holds his last words. After that head over to the grappling stations to the left and latch in.

This wall may be free of enemies but it hardly is an easy climb up. Issac needs to what out for exhaust ports that are venting out flames from the middle, right-hand then left-hand side. In addition he must pass through a spinning cog while avoiding these jets of fire. You need to wait to pass through between the teeth of the cog in addition to avoiding the flames jetting out. After the first cog things get a bit more difficult. There is a second cog to get through though that acts much the same as the first one. It is after that you have the challenge. There is a long stretch of passage that only goes down the middle of the wall. It is here you need to move up quickly. The jets will relentlessly knock around Issac otherwise. Wait until just after a venting has occurred then immediately start up. If Issac gets hit by the ventilation then at least he will be most of the way up and cannot really get knocked too far off course.

Get up to the top and it is time to go and insert the Codex into the Machine to move things forward. Danik is waiting with Eliie at the insert. He offers her for the Codex. Carver takes the Codex and passes it to Danik to save Ellie. Danik acts quickly and deactivates the Machine to everyone else's horror. The Machine starts to come apart as the Necromorph Moon looms and moves in toward the planet to get at the Machine that was holding it. Now that Necromorph begins to simply tear the whole thing apart.