Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 65 – Kill Or Be Killed (The Array & The Heart Of The Machine)

Move to the Kinesis Glyph that is farthest from the elevator. Look to the left of the Central Array. Use Kinesis and torque it so the 2 Pronged Vertical Claw is facing the Central Array. Things start happening around this time. For one, another tentacle will rise from the nearby pit to attack Issac. Take care of it quickly the same way you did before, just with Super Stasis backing the shot. After that Issac will be attacked by a number of Dark Slashers and there are a few Exploders as well. Use the pad to rip the blades from the Slashers and impale them. The Exploder's Sac can be handled in much the same way. Just grab it with Kinesis and throw it at them for an easy kill. Now it is time to grab a collectable before aligning the rest properly.

Head over to the right of the Central Array Tower from the Kinesis base. Go to the base of the tower there and then move toward the cargo lift you took up here. Next to the root Issac will find Alien Artifact 7. Now head back to the Kinesis Glyph and make sure that the 4 Point Twisted Claw is facing in toward the Central Array.

Go to the second Kinesis Glyph that sits by the Tower on the far side of the Central Array. Approach this Tower and rotate it so the 2 point Horizontal bar is facing the Central Array. It is time to make the final adjustments to the Central Tower itself. Grab it from a Kinesis Glyph and torque it until it aligns wit the 3 towers. This will only take a few twists.

With the Array configured head back over to the lift and get to the activation Terminal that sits behind it. Interact with it to place the Codex inside this one. This will complete the Alignment procedure of the Array and ensure that everything is ready for the next step. Danik calls and accuses Issac of fiddling with things he does not comprehend.

Head to the lift and take it on down to the level below. Backtrack to the last Conduit you took to get here. Just head forward. While there are these wet sounds nothing is going to attack Issac. Once again, avoid the Medusa and the stone to make it through. Once Issac lands head through the door and cross the plaza to the door beyond it. There is nothing to worry about in this area. If you did not get the Artifact here earlier, this is your second chance to do just that. Be sure to take a moment when Issac gets to the massive area where you can find the workbench. Take a moment to offload all the pieces you have collected. After that follow the Locator Beam to get to the first plaza you crossed in this area. Take a moment to reload and heal up. This are about to get violent.

 Go forward until Issac turn the first corner then head immediately the Kinesis Glyphs. There are a number of Alien Necromorphs, around 6 to 8, that will be coming for Issac. While they mostly move in singly there is one instance where a pair will come at you. Stand on the Glyph and use Stasis to slow them down and stop them from spawning Alien Crawlers.

When the Necromorphs are cleared out, move on through the plaza. Likely you will hear and find a few more Alien Crawlers as you exit the area. Just head forward after that to the first conduit you passed through. On the other side of it Issac is immediately thrown into conflict again. You have a small number of Soldiers to deal with, an Alien Necromorph and later in the fight 2 Twitchers. Take them all down, use the bench if needed. There are more Twitchers in the future so be sure to restock on Stasis Packs or Medkits. When you are ready to move onto the next step of configuring the Machine head over to the Cargo Lift and take it up.