Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 60 – Side Missions: Artifact Storage (Entrance to Back Tube 1)

Head into the elevator after Bypassing its security lockdown and take it down to the Artifact Storage. Once  inside Issac will find access to a workbench and a Suit Kiosk in the immediate area. Take some time to craft a weapon with the Stasis attachment that can do some heavy damage. It will prove itself invaluable throughout this jaunt.

Head on down the stairs and over to the right to find the audio log, “Prized Possession”. Head to the door opposite to find a text log, “Witnessing the Truth”. Continue forward through the door and head into the Ordnance Tower. This is a Zero G area so things can be a little tricky to deal with.

Launch off the catwalk and look down into the tower. Below Issac is a massive Orange glow. This is a Medusa Necromorph. As much as possible, engage it as a distance and shoot out all the orange sacs. This will kill it There is a second one farther down so be careful of it. Continue on downward to the third catwalk. On this one Issac will find a text log, “Realistic Statuary” just be sure to kill the second Medusa that is just below this catwalk to ensure that Issac will survive getting close!

Head on down to the third catwalk and and head for the access to the next Ordnance Tower. You will return to a Zero Gravity Environment when you enter the next tower so be wary of that. Once inside detach from the walkway and look down. There are numerous mines strewn about the area. First through head over to the left. In the small dark alcove Issac can find a circuit (+2 Reload, +2 Clip). After Issac needs to head down to the lower walkway. He can either just move around the mines or shoot them out.

Once Issac makes it to the bottom he will find a text long on the side, “Strangeness In The Tubes”. From there just head into the Ordnance Hall. Head forward to find another video playback device. Interact with it to learn another word of this alien language, “Warrior”. Head to the right and down the Back Tube after that. As Issac crosses the middle of the Back Tube he is attacked by 4 Dark Leapers.

Head on through the door at the end of this room. On the other side is an Alien Necromorph that will move in very quickly to attack you. Shoot it with the Stasis weapon and you will have no trouble taking it down before it can send Crawlers after you. Head around the bend and through the door into Back Tube 1.

Inside this tube Issac is faced with another Alien Necromroph. Once again, use your Stasis weapon to take it out at a distance. From there advance slowly down the tube. There are 2 groups of Alien Crawlers waiting to ambush you and explode: one on each side. The first is just past the middle and the second is in the back right. After that Issac needs to fight through 3 more Dark Slashers. Once you get through all that be sure to release a Scavenger Bot at the end of the Tube for resource collection. From there head to the left and into the Back Hall.