Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 57 – What Lies Below (Underground Descent – Rappel 3)

Once inside the Hydraulics Shack Issac can find a Safety Guard to his left and a crate to his right. After he grabs those he needs to move forward to the EEI and hack it. Once again sequential, not parallel, movement is best to get through the circuits and activate the door.

On the other side of the door immediately turn to the left. Just beyond the small crate is an audio log, “Turn It Off”. Issac will also find a Workbench and a Suit Kiosk (and the Elite suit is unlocked). Switch out and upgrade any weaponry as needed. It is recommended to have Rapid Fire and something that can hit hard for what is going to be coming at Issac very soon. With that dealt with head down the hall but pause at the door into the next area. To the left of the door is a circuit (+2 Damage, +1 Clip) so grab it then head out.

As Issac emerges for the third rappelling section he has Creepers to deal with. They will be animating the numerous corpses of the Soldiers into Shamblers so be ready for it. Remember to dismember the Shambler then take out the Creeper while it is between bodies. Hitting it with a Stasis blast makes this a lot easier to do. Once you have dealt with them head over to the rappelling station. Latch in and it is time to start on the third rappelling section.

This section just gets more challenging as you move on through it. It starts as the others did with soldiers firing up on Issac from the elevator. The problem is after a point there are a lot of exploding Necromorphs to deal with, Alien Crawlers. Things do not get much worse than that as they are a multi-surface Exploder. Just shoot the orange sac to quickly deal with them. Head shots work also but there is nowhere near enough time for that. Deal with them and keep after the elevator. Then the cutscene triggers you want to immediately change to your heavy hitting weapon as an Alien Necromorph will jump onto Danik's Elevator and kill all the remaining soldiers on top of it.

Begin with a shot of Stasis to slow its ascent toward Issac. After that just hit it with everything you have to knock it down. After it falls Issac can continue on his descent. He will need to face it again at the next platform. There is also a trio of Soldiers on this platform firing on it. Focus on the Necromorph first. You will witness it spitting out Alien Crawlers that will home in on the soldiers and Issac. Shoot the ones that come after you but ignore any others. Keep on the wall and fire down on the Alien Necromorph until it is dead. When there are no more Alien Crawlers coming at you then it is safe to get to the bottom of this section and land on the platform.

Head over to the right once on the platform and have looted all the bodies on it. Head down the ramp and look to the right to find the blueprints for the Javelin Gun. Go toward the door but once you reach the shelving turn to the left and look on the crates. There is a Heavy Frame Weapon Part that Issac can grab. He can also loose a Scavenger Bot in the area to get some good results and finally go through the door.