Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 50 – Everything Has Its Place (Geology Laser Room to Biology)

This room offers a simple puzzle. There are a number of cutting lasers blocking Issac's way. He needs to get past them to reach the final piece of “Rosetta”. Look ahead. There is a massive rock blocking the second set of lasers. Use Kinesis to pull it forward and block the first set. After that, just move it into the next set of lasers in front of Issac. Just repeat this all the way to the back of the room. Issac can access the final slab of “Rosetta”. Now access it but do not grab it. Turn around and look on the floor. There are 3 Crawlers that will come into the room on the far side. Pick them off at a distance and use the space as a buffer in case any Crawlers reach the nearby corpses and animate them into Shamblers.

When the Necromorphs are gone Issac can safely grab the final slab of “Rosetta”. Grab it and throw it across the room with Kinesis. Take a moment to release a Scavenger Bot in this are for a good yield. Now use the massive rock once again to cross the laser cutters. Now just put it into the reciprocal on the left and send it back to the Rosetta Lab.

Head through the door into the second room. Issac will be attacked by more Unitologist. Hang back from the door to better control their attacking you. Move into it only when there are no more Soldiers directly in front of you. Once this is the case you can enter the Specimen room with minimal fear. There will only be a few more to the left. Just kill them. Use the Workbench to change out any weapons.

Head on out of the Geology section. This is the best time to do the Disposal Site Side Mission. It is not too far out of the way and it is fairly safe to move around the entry way into Geology. Be sure to hug the left-hand side on the way out to find a S.C.A.F. Artifact, “Personal Log: Dr. Alexei Obruchev”. Just head on down the elevator and over to the left. This leads directly to the Disposal Services Entrance to begin the side mission.

After completing Disposal Services continue on toward the Biology building to the left. Head along the metal walkway and over to the right. Take the elevator down into the building. Danik will have another little monologue to throw at Issac. Once inside head down the first corridor and over to the right. Take the elevator up and go on forward out of it. Head for the first room on the right to get back to the Rosetta Lab. Get through the decontamination chamber and Issac will rejoin Carver and Ellie. Inside the room Issac and everyone else is facing the task of reassembling “Rosetta” to then get a functional Codex built.