Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 41 – Autopsy (NX-03)

Return to the Drilling Station. Now is a good time to equip the Probe Gun. It can be used as a regular weapon so feel free. As Issac crosses over the Drilling Platform he will be attacked by a number of Slashers and a few Fodder Necromorphs. Defeat them and head on back toward the NX-03 facility.

As Issac gets to the top of the lift from the Drill Platform he will hear then see a Shambler form up. Quickly take it down with whatever weapon is on hand. After that kill the Crawler that emerges from it. Take it down quickly. There are at least 2 more Crawlers in this area. A good tactic is as they move from one to the next stomp the body then give an extra stomp or two to get the crawler as well. This only works on Shamblers that no longer has legs but that can be done very easily.

With that dealt with head on into the NX-03 Facility. Here Santos will explain more about the actual process. Head on over to the elevator to the left of the Bench. Take it on up a level. Now head over to the right and down to the end of the catwalk. Here Issac will find the controls for the first of the 2 harpoon guns. Tell the control panel to activate and the harpoon will launch. After that, look at the harpoon itself. Issac will see a Kinesis spot. Hit it with a sustained burst to open up on side of the belly. With that taken care of head over to the opposite side and repeat the process. This will open the belly of the beast.

Head back to the center of the catwalk where Santos and Norton are. Get into the cage and Norton will take Issac out and over the belly. He then lowers Issac into the body cavity. It is time to start probing the depths to find their way to the Machine.

Synapse 1
Head on out of the cage and go straight forward down the corridor to the right. Keep the probe gun up as the Synapse is the second on the right-hand side. Just after that, look up. You should hear multiple pings a second on this node in the ceiling. It does help that it is illuminated too. Just after the synapse is hit Issac is attacked by 8 Feeders. Use Stasis to take them out easily as they are hardier than the usual variety. After that, return to the elevator.

Synapse 2
Head down the first tunnel to the left of the cage entrance. This Synapse is only a short ways in close to the top of the passage. Remember, listen for the rapid beeping and you will have no problem finding it. This time there are no Necromorphs that attack Issac. He needs to find one more Synapse and spear it.

Synapse 3
Head on down the passage, sweeping with the Probe Gun. Now focus on the right-hand wall. As you get close to the switchback Issac will find the third Synapse. Spear it and then start running back toward the cage in a hurry after the vision. There are more Necromorphs on the way now and they are coming for Issac.

Once inside the cage use the narrow entrance to your advantage and just gun down whatever is coming at you. Move and use whatever you can to avoid getting swarmed. This thing is lethal and a very hard fight. Use Stasis to help control the groups and go from there. Remember that these are odd Necromorphs and that shooting them in the head will actually take them down. Try to be just a little off the door of the cage that will help you survive. Once they are all down is when Issac will finally see the door close.