Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 39 – Side Missions: Armory (Mid Hall to Back Tube)

Inside the Mid Hall Issac will find nothing aside from a Scavenger Bot location and the path to Ordnance Tower 2. Head on over to the right after you drop the Bot and head toward the second tower. After you interact with the door, it will malfunction and a number of Necromorphs will attack you. This group has a 3 Snow Slashers and a Puker but also a trio of Feeders. Take out the bigger Necromorphs first. The Feeders will run most of the time as you are firing on the others. When it is just them get moving and use a combination of melee and weaponry to take them out quickly. When they are all dead then the lockdown will lift and Issac can get into the second Ordnance Tower.

As Issac crosses this walkway a Soldier will fall from above and get impaled on a nearby post. Just ignore him and head through the door on the far side. This will lead you to the Back Hall. Once inside, collect whatever is laying on the ground. After that go for the desk ahead of you on the left. Here Issac will find an Audio Log, “Munitions Request” and a Circuit (+2 Damage). After that head into Munitions Control opposite the desk.

Get off the elevator and into Munitions Control. Issac can easily hear the Soldiers below who are also looking for the Munitions Key. Start by going to the small locker directly across from the elevator and looting that. Now head over to the left. The Soldiers below will spot Issac but at the same time they will come under attack by Necromorphs. Start back toward the elevator as Issac will also be attacked by Necromorphs, Feeders. Use Melee and burst/line weaponry to slice through their numbers. Kill off the Necromorphs and do not worry about the ones below. They will likely deal with the Soldiers there. Once all the Necromorphs on the catwalk are dead then it is time to start on the Soldiers below. Move to one of the sheltered areas. Move in and out of it and pick off any of the remaining soldiers below. Be sure to also use this vantage point to easily grab a Plasma Core Weapons Part that is sitting on top of one of the crates.

With the threats dealt with, head to the end of the catwalk and take the cargo lift down. Loot the bodies along the way and head for the control consoles across from the cargo lift. Head down the short set of stairs. Look to the left to find another audio log, “Train Shipment” and opposite that the Munitions Key. Unfortunately Issac will be attacked by a number of Slasher Necromorphs shortly after he gets the key. Fight through them, using Stasis to get some distance and control them, to undo the lockdown on the room. Take the cargo lift back up and start backtracking using the elevator.

After Issac exits the elevator head over to the right toward the Back Tube. As he approaches the door he will be attacked by another Snow Slasher from the vent to the right. Take it down quickly then use the Key on the door beyond it to get in. Inside the Hall Issac has 2 Stalkers that he needs to deal with. Wait for them to come to Issac and deal with them that way. As he heads toward the end of the hall, a third Stalker will reveal itself and come at Issac. Take it down quickly then keep going around the bend. Head to the far back right corner to find a Unitologist Artifact 4. After that, head to the door leading out. Issac will need to do a Bypass to get on through.