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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 35 – Signal Hunting (NX-03 Test Site)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/14/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Signal Hunting", where Issac must get the furnaces working at the NX-03 Facility.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 35 –  Signal Hunting (NX-03 Test Site)

To make any progress with this specimen the team needs to fire up the furnace and get it functional so they can use the heat exchanges. Head on out to the end of the walkway and through the door at the end of it. Just inside Issac can find an Audio Log, “Serrano Discusses Facility One”. Search this room along the left wall to find a circuit box with (+2 Clip, -1 Rate of Fire). BE sure toalso get at the various lockers and boxes to. You will also find a Suit Kiosk that offers a new kind of suit that will protect you from the heat, cold and reduce the damage that Issac takes from attacks.

Outfitted in the new suit head on over to the elevator and take it on up to the roof of the facility. Head forward and over to the ladder forward and to the left. Go a little to the right of it, toward the platform underneath the walkway and let loose a Scavenger Bot. Now turn around and look to the left of where Issac came out to find a power cell. He needs to use Kinesis to grab it and start carrying across the roof. Things are not as easy as walking across the roof. As he works on crossing the roof he will need to release his hold on the Power Cell to deal with Fodder and Leapers Necromorphs who will rush him. On the other side Issac will find himself blocked by a door. Look for the open window where you can see the ladder. Drop the power cell through the window.

Head back across the rooftop and over to the right. There Issac will find a ladder that will take him up to the catwalk. Move carefully across the catwalk as there are more Necromorphs in the area that are willing to attack  Issac. Once again it is Fodder Necromorphs and Leapers. Kill them and head to the end of the catwalk. There Issac will find a ladder down. Take it to wind up in the room with the power cell.

Inside this small part of the Wall, grab the power cell and put it into the generator. This will get the furnace going. Immediately Issac will be attacked by a Fodder Necromorph. Kill it then start exploring the room. After that go over to the left of the furnace. There Issac can find another Circuit (+2 Rate of Fire, -1 Clip) and he should take a little time to loot the lockers as well. After that head on back across the roof and head down again using the cargo elevator. This crossing is no less dangerous as there are Leapers that need to be dealt with as Issac crosses rooftop. On the way down he and Ellie start to talk but Norton interrupts.

Head on back to the walkway in front of the specimen. It is time to get the furnace working properly. Head to the controls near the center of the specimen. Interact with them to start things up. Now Issac needs to work the pipes to get the heat through. To do this he needs to move to the pipe with the lit number and spin it using Kinesis. Just watch which one carefully. Each time Issac only has a little while to orient and spin the lever. With full range Kinesis he does not have to move much to do this at all. When the furnace is powered up to 100% then interact with the console again to properly begin the thawing process. Santos will ask Issac to come join her as she has the blueprints to make the proper equipment for this upstream tracking. Head to the right of the furnace and over to the door to the left of the Work Bench. Time to meet with Santos. Take the elevator up and turn to the left. Just a little ways from there Issac can find Santos.