Expert Locks-

If you’re not good at lockpicking yourself, this is where this tree really starts to matter.  Expert locks are the ones that tend to be troublesome, and making them considerably easier will really save you a lot of picks.


This is a huge boon to any lockpicker, and if it could be taken without another four perks before it would be commendible for all players- starting the pick near the position you’re searching for will save you tons of time and broken lockpicks making your way through it.  A must-have for those who need lockpicking perks.

Unbreakable and Master Locks-

This is really an either-or choice, hence mentioning them together.  Unbreakable basically makes all the perks that make locks easier to pick useless, since you will never break your pick and can keep on trying.  It’s a tradeoff though, for two reasons.  First of all, trying over and over and over until you get it right can take a while, which may frustrate some players.  Second of all, if you’re picking a lock and the pick breaks, you actually get a small surge of lockpicking experience from that, advancing not only your lockpicking skill but also your character.  On the other hand, taking the Master Locks perk will make the most difficult of locks considerably easier to pick, but it won’t stop you from breaking your pick and having to remember what angles you already tried and what angles you have yet to use when you insert the new pick to have another go at opening the dang thing.  You could take both perks, but there’s not much point when there are so many good perks out there and a limited number of perk points on each character.  It’s up to you as a player to decide which of these two perks works better for you.