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Skyrim Perks Ancillary- Heavy Armor
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 02/13/2013
Heavy armor has two branches in its perk tree, and while one of them initially seems mostly useless, it leads to a perk that is a huge benefit for those who rely on slabs of metal to protect them.


You know how you got Heavy Armor because it’s got a higher armor rating?  Guess what this perk does.  Yep, sends it -even higher-.  If you use heavy armor at all, you want- perhaps even need- this perk, and as much of it as you can get.  That is to say, all of it.\

Fists of Steel-

Not the most generally useful of perks, this will make ‘unarmed’ brawls a ton easier while you’re wearing heavy gauntlets, tacking some fairly impressive damage onto your weaponless attacks.  That said, it’s not the best way to fight (particularly since there are no perks for it), although Khajit can get by with their racial benefit for unarmed attacks.  If not for the positive effects of Cushioned and Conditioning, this perk would be relegated to specialists only.  As it is, it’s rarely a decent substitute for weapon skills.  Might come in handy now and again if you’re a heavy armor mage, though.

Well Fitted-

Like I said about Juggernaut..... plus, there’s rarely any reason to wear partial Heavy Armor.  Some might be inclined because of cosmetics, but that really is the extent of it.


Skyrim, like many video game lands these days, is a land made of polygons that basically sets your limits by creating collision barriers you can stand on.  That means that you can get to a lot of places that weren’t specifically intended to be walked on, and there are a lot of paths you can take that weren’t specifically intended to be used as paths.  That, by extension, means that if you’re an explorer you can find yourself in a lot of places that weren’t designed to be safe.  Even without that, you can head down mountains in some fun (and dangerous) ways.  Losing half the damage from every fall can mean a lot for your personal safety while wandering around this wide-open land in the mountains.

Tower of Strength-

The value of this is debatable- while staggering is usually annoying and can be distracting, the times when it goes further to become outright nasty to deal with are few and far between.  On those occasions, cutting the stagger in half can make a huge difference in your combat performance.  The rest of the time, you might not even notice that anything changed.