Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 27 – Supply Depot (Entrance to Workshop)

Head to the right from the exit of the Waystation. There are some Necromorphs that have other designs for Issac but they are easy enough to deal with. Make your way back through the second Aloha Station and over to the Supply Depot. Once there, use the Keycard to open the door. Head on through the pair of doors and it is nothing at all to get started.

Head forward and to the right. There Issac will find the first of the audio logs in this building. If he explores the right-hand area of the entry way he will find both a bench and a suit kiosk that he can use. Gear up and then head over to the left and enter into the Records Room.

When the door closes behind Issac he will be attacked by 2 Snow Slashers. Kill each of them in turn quickly to avoid having both of them on Issac. When they are dead, look at the desk to the right of the entryway door. Issac will find a Text Log sitting there he can claim. Take a little more time to explore the room for supplies then head over to the far end of the room. Here Issac will need to do a bypass to get the access running to the room beyond. Once in there head over to the right around the crates and take the ladder on to the catwalk above. Take a moment to release one of the Scavenger Bots here to get some nice supplies. Just ignore the door for now. Up there Issac will find some crates and some other things. Head down the ladder and through the door now.

There are plenty of Necromorphs in this room but they can easily be handled one at a time. Just move forward and pause just after getting into the room. There are a total of 4 Snow Slashers that will drop from the ceiling and come at Issac. Go at their legs then arms to take them down quickly. After the fourth turn around as there is a Puker that will be coming up behind Issac. Loot the bodies then head forward and through the door on the right. Just pass through the next room, go through the door and head over to the left through the next one after you head to the end of the corridor and loot the lockers there.

In this big room, look for the “Make Us Whole” altar. It is very hard to miss. Turn to the right and you will spot an Audio log that Issac can collect. Grab it then head for the door using the stairs behind the audio recording. Here is where things start to go wrong. As Issac attempts to open the door it will malfunction and a number of Necromorphs will break into the room. Before Issac can go anywhere he needs to kill all the Necromorphs as the doors will remain in lockdown otherwise. Fight through them and you will be free to resume exploring the depot.