Dead Space 3 – Crafting Weapons Guide: Tips

While every weapon comes with its own default tip you can change it. This will change how the weapon operates or the kind of projectile that it will launch. This is a great way to alter a favored weapon to something more appropriate for the situation.

Compact Directed Ejection Field:
Fires effect or projectile in short, forceful impulses.
Location: C.M.S. Terra Nova Core Ops Observation Room

Directed Suspension Field:
Enables kinetic suspension of effects or projectiles.

Applies automatic fire for an increased rate of fire for the effect or projectile.

Compresses effect or projectile into a more intense form.
Location: Off The Grid. Second Warming Room, below the pipe that collapses.

Conic Dispersal:
Disperses the effect or projectile in a spread, short-range pattern.
Location: Conning Tower, Tram Station: Tram Control Room

Diffraction Torus:
Disperses the effect or projectile as an area burst at point of impact.

Precise Adapter:
The effect or projectile is granted increased accuracy and lethality.

Rail Accelerator:
Adds a penetrating force to the effect or projectile.