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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 21 – Repair to Ride (Refueling Station to Space Dock)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/8/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Repair to Ride", where Issac must head into the Aft Section of the Terra Nova to get the shuttle over to the Roanoke.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 21 – Repair to Ride (Refueling Station to Space Dock)

With the fuel returning to the shuttle Issac now needs to survive while the shuttle refuels. He will be attacked by a number of Necromorphs. 4 Wasters will come charging at him. Kill them then return to the central fuel control. Interact with the controls to remove the fuel nozzle. After that head for the cargo elevator. Wait for the accident to happen and then take the cargo elevator down.

Now, turn to the left and head toward the rear of the shuttle. Issac needs to cross to the other side of the room. The problem is simply getting across thanks to the firing of the engines. Wait for engines to stop firing and run across. He will get attacked by 2 Wasters. Ignore them until Issac is on the far side of the shuttle engine. One will likely get fried by the shuttle engine. Head on up the ramp but be careful at the top of it where some fire is blasting out from the side of the shuttle. As Issac gets closer, a Hunter will appear. This is on the one Necromorph that can survive the inferno of the shuttle. Hit it with stasis then go forward and slightly to the right. You will spot a Stasis recharge station. Head toward it, recharge Issac's stasis and take the ladder down. Immediately turn around and head on through the door. Pause immediately as you pass though to avoid getting roasted by the flames jetting from the shuttle here.

Once through the flames head over to the cargo elevator here. Call it down and then turn to defend Issac from  the Hunter that appears. Use stasis and blasting it to pieces to keep it down just long enough for the elevator to get there. At the top turn to the right and run for the call button for the gondola. Wait for the break in the flame burst to make it over there. There are a few Wasters that will come at Issac in addition to the Hunter. The flames will deal with most of the Necromorphs but a few are likely to make it to Issac. After that focus on the Hunter and keeping it down wait he waits for the Gondola.

When the Gondola arrives, take it to the opposite side of the shuttle bay. Immediately head toward the Bench to the left and take the cargo elevator down. Go over to the left and take the ramp down. Move over to the door on the left. Be wary as the Hunter will follow you here Once again, stasis it and head through the door. Dodge to either side of the pillar, wherever the flames stop first, loot the lockers then head to the far back part of this room to get into an elevator that will take him up.

Head to the back of the chamber to the right. There Issac can use one of 2 Laser Cannons. Get into the one of the left. Take aim at the ordnance inside the gear on the right. From there just use burst shots, to save power, to clear all ordnance that gets gets sucked into the gears. Issac will be attacked by numerous Necromorphs, including Hunters. Use the laser and the ordnance to blast them away and keep the gears clear. In the final wave, which is simply a mass of Hunters and Slashers, blast the Hunters and whatver is close to get at the final explosives. This will clear away all the Necromorphs and get Issac sucked out into space.

Time to explore the space dock to find a lot of items and an artifact. Issac needs to worry about Mines while out here so keep on guard for them. As Issac crosses, have him look down. There is a large piece of debris with 2 Nests on it below him. Move in toward it and he can find a storage lockers with a number of items. This includes circuits (+1 Damage), ammo and the Military Engine Weapon Part. Once you have collected those parts, detach from it and circle around to the bottom side of it. Floating near the pillar he can find another S.C.A.F. Artifact. After that head into the shuttle bay of the Terra Nova and get into the SK-1P. Use that to quickly get over to the C.M.S. Greely.