Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 16 – Expect Delays (Cargo Puzzle to Tram Station)

When the puzzle is solved Issac gets a moment to himself before his position is rushed by 4 Pukers coming from different parts of the room. Aim and use Stasis to give him some much needed time to deal with them quickly. The first two come one at a time from the left. Gun them down quickly. The second pair offer more of a challenge. They come at Issac from both sides. Freeze one with Stasis and move toward it, blasting as you go. This will get it out of Issac's way and ensure he has space to deal with the second. Turn and after the second after that. Once again, freeze it with Stasis and take it down quickly. With this room clear, head back up the stairs and over to the elevator. Have your weapon at the ready because there is a Necromorph inside the elevator. Take it down and get in. Activate the elevator and it drops out of the control.

When it stops have Issac head on out and over to the audio log to the right. Listen to it to learn more and then head over to the left and to the door for Cargo Filtration Command. Head through the door and out onto the catwalks up the ladder to the left. As he enters the Command, he will play an instructional video he found on Titan for the rest of the crew so they know something more to use their Kinesis modules for. On the catwalk head over to the right and and look behind the canvas covered item. There Issac will find a S.C.A.F. Artifact. Head across the catwalk to the door and go on through.

On the other side of the door, as Issac heads up the ramp a Slasher will appear at the top. Quickly shoot it to take it down. After that head through the door to the left of where it was into the Cargo Hold. Things are going to get very difficult very soon now.

Once inside the Cargo Hold Issac will have his first encounter with a Hunter Necromorph. These things are presently impossible to kill. Whatever damage is done to it will be regenerated in a matter of seconds. Immediately hit it with the blast of Stasis and start running. There will be a few Slashers that will appear in front of Issac as he runs up the slope to escape the Hunter. Just keep running forward to the Tram Station from there.

Once inside, head for the Tram Console in the back left part of the room. As you approach the console you will see a tentacled Waster. Kill it quickly and activate the summon for the tram. Issac now has to survive for a few minutes until the tram gets there. This means he needs to be constantly moving. Stasis the Hunter as much as possible and take out any less Necromorphs that appear. Eventually a second Hunter will join the fray. Just keep moving and do not stop for any reason. If nothing else, circle the area until the Tram arrives. Once it does quickly board it and get to the controls. Issac is out of danger now.

The tram has 2 destinations. The first is the Mid Deck. Here he can investigate Conning Tower where he can find a number of useful pieces. The second is the Aft Deck where he can finish up this mission. This is the best time though to visit the Tower as it is on the way.