Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 14 – Expect Delays (Air Lock to Cargo Hold)

Once inside the Air Lock head over to the right. There Issac will find another Heavy Standard Frame. Grab it then exit the air lock. There is a Suit Kiosk just inside to the right. Use it if you need to upgrade anything. After that head to the left and take the elevator up to the bridge on the second floor. Head over to the left and through the door to the bridge. Head over to the left to find some loot. After that head to the right to find an Audio Log and an artifact. The artifact sits on the pilot's seat and should be grabbed at this time just to make things easier. After that just head on up the stairs behind Issac and into the rest of the ship. Be sure to get the circuit that sits at the top of the left-hand staircase. It is a +1 Rate of Fire. Head up the stairs nearby to find a Text Log. Now head back down the stairs and over to the security console. Here Issac can initiate a Bypass. This has him hacking. Rotate the scanner until it turns blue for each of the 3 security circles. Once all 3 are broken through then Issac will find the location of the shuttle they can use. Head on up the stairs and through the formerly locked door. Follow the corridor forward and into the next part of the ship.

Issac will arrive in part of the Rec Room. There are a number of containers to smash to collect loot. There is also a pinball machine that will activate when he gets close enough to it. Nothing you can do with it now though so just head down the ladder to the right of it. At the base of the ladder, loot the nearby locker then head through the door to the cargo hold.

Turn to the left and approach the ladder. This will trigger the release of 4 Lurkers. Use the nearby canisters to blast them away in addition to your gun. After that head to the right. There Issac can find the Hydraulic Engine Weapon Part. As he approaches it he will be attacked by a Slasher from behind. Quickly turn around and blast it. Backtrack down the corridor after that and go down the ladder.

When Issac dismounts the ladder he will be attacked by 3 Slashers. He can either fight them there or climb back up the ladder and wait for them to come through the nearby vent. By climbing back up he ensures that they cannot initially rush him and gives him some needed time if he does not have a Line Gun available to him. Either way, head down the ladder go forward and over to the right. Take the ladder down and it is time to get acquainted with another feature of the game: Scavenger Bots.

Issac will pick it up. Time for a little tutorial. First, circle until the vector on the screen points straight up. Second, move Issac forward until the vector becomes a circle. Once that happens have Issac release the Scavenger Bot. By doing this, you ensure that the Scavenger Bot will find the most items possible.

With the bot loose, head up the nearby ramp. At the top Issac will be ambushed by 2 Wasters who have Tentacles for tops and a Lurker who follows them. Kill them quickly then head forward to the left and up the ladder. As Issac starts down this path, an Exploder will appear from beyond the turn. Quickly deal with it then head on forward. Issac has to deal with another Exploder as he rounds the corner which has a second Exploder coming up from behind him and a Waster. Deal with them all, heal up, then head over to the left and through the door into the next section of the ship. Issac will find a work bench just in front of right he can use. First though he must fight through a Swarm that will animate 2 nearby corpses into Wasters. Quickly deal with the Swarm and the Wasters. Head over to the desk to the left of the door. There Issac can find another Text Log for his collection. After that, change anything about Issac weapons that need it and head through the door.