Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 13 – Side Missions: C.M.S. Greely (Imaging Room to Completion)

Back in the Imaging Room Issac will witness a number of plates just blasting upwards. Inside here he will need to fend off 4 Slashers and a Puker. While 2 of the Slasher are easily taken care of by the Gravity Plates, 2 will make it to Issac as well as the Puker. Just move back into the Cargo Elevator after they start appearing to make this fight a lot easier. To get through the room just stick to the outside of it. As Issac approaches the door out though he will be attacked by 3 more Slashers.

Head back into the Crew Access Room and up the stairs. Here Issac should wait at the top. There are 5 Exploders that will appear from either the left or the right-hand sides of the room. Gun them down by shooting the orange pustule on their underside. This will ensure Issac is at minimal risk and let him pass through safely. Head to the top of the stairs and turn right. Here he will find the entrance to Engstrom's Office. Use the blue panel to the left of the door to activate it. After that, head on through the door.

Inside the office Issac can find a few pick ups. If he goes straight ahead though he will find the file he is looking for. He will send over the file and get the decrypted message back. After that, there are only a few things left to do before he is done here. First, head across to the start of the ramp going to the right. Turn to the left and through the doorway there. This is the rest room. Head in and look at the second sink. Here Issac will find find a +1 Damage, +1 Clip Circuit. Grab it then head for the work bench. Here, craft a Tungsten Torque Bar. This will allow Issac to access the locked room to the left.

Inside the room he will find a circuit for +1 Rate of Fire, +1 Damage. Turn to the right and look on the desk there to find a Telemetry Spike weapon part. Take plenty of time to loot the room and collect everything you can. As Issac heads out he can access the Suit Kiosk finally. Upgrade whatever is possible and make your way on out and back over to the Skiff.