Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 2 – Rude Awakening (Issac's Apartment to the Dredger Corp Lobby)

The scene resumes with Issac Clark. He is haunted by the past of what has happened. Some men come into his apartment and explain that they need his help. He will agree once they explain that Ellie is involve. Once play resumes, grab the Med Pack in front of you. Turn to the right and face the opposite wall. Here Issac can find Audio Log 1 (Rent Due) on the desk and Text Log 1 (I For An Eye) on the bed to the left. Now head out of Issac's apartment. First head to the right and down to the dead end. There you will find a Small Med Pack for use later. Turn around now and go on down the corridor. Head on down the stairs and over to the left. Open the door there to move on.

Head forward to the 2 men by the gate. They will explain that they are Robert Norton and John Carter, part of EarthGov's Last Battalion. They will tell Issac to move on forward toward the car. Move into a crouch and get over there. Once Issac is close to the car a Unitologist will climb onto it and blast it to pieces throwing Issac away from the 2 soldiers. When Issac stops tumbling immediately head to the left and into the sewers. He can grab a small ammo pack as he enters the sewer.

Once inside he must fight his way through 4 soldiers who are attacking him. With strictly limited ammo, go for as many head shots as possible to save ammunition and still kill everyone after you without resorting to melee. Head forward after that and start up the stairs out into the opening with the search light.

As Issac emerges into the opening, a Unitologist with grenades, who appears as a slow blinking red light, will come running at him. Move behind a pillar or shoot him in the head to stop him dead. After that, head up the slope and over to the ladder on the right at the top. It is found just after a short set of stairs and a concrete barrier.

At the top of the ladder Issac will want to turn to the left as he speaks with Norton. He will find a small container he can stomp to get more supplies. Be sure to also open the lockers nearby the unlocked door to get more supplies. After that head through the door and the next. Issac will see one of the Unitologist killing a civilian to try to find him. Quickly gun him down. Look to the left and up as you round the corner. There is a second soldier above you. Gun him down quickly before he gets much of a chance to fire on you. Just head on forward through the streets. Turn to the left below where the second gunman was and then turn right at the end of the alley. There is a third gunman who will shoot at Issac. Just duck behind cover and wait for him to back up into traffic.

Issac now needs to use his stasis unit on the controls for the traffic to avoid becoming roadkill himself. Aim forward toward the traffic and let a stasis blast go. It will halt one of the transports which causes a pile up in both directions from the mass destruction. Head out to the left on the expressway. To Issac's left he will find an EarthGov Artifact he can collect. After that he should head to the opposite side and take the ladder up.

When he reaches the top of the ladder, 2 more gunmen will appear and attack Issac. He can either turn and return fire or turn to the left and open the door there to move on through to the next room. As you head through the corridor be sure to smash the 2 bodies int here for more ammo and to get the prompt on the weapon change option. Head on through to the next door to for Issac to find his way through to the Dredge Corp Lobby.