Assassin's Creed 3 – Forts: Fort Independence

Fort Independence

The forts act much like the strongholds of old. The thing is they have a much bigger impact on things than the Strongholds ever did. By conquering forts (and destroying a part of them) you reduce the taxes that convoys incur when they travel through the district that the fort occupies. This makes it very ideal to take down the 7 forts found in the game as soon as possible.

When it comes to conquering a fort there are 3 steps that need to be completed. Failure to do one of these 3 things will result in the fort being reset after Connor leaves the restricted area:
Kill the Fort Captain
Ignite the Powder Reserve
Lower the Flag

This fort is best approached from the East from the Boston Commons. This will put you over a fence and into a small estuary. Head into the restricted area and along the tree that sinks into the water nearby. Once there head over to the left. You will notice a Red coat who is fiddling around with their musket sitting down. Quietly kill him then start toward the fort itself. Run over to the crates against the Northeastern Wall of the fort and use those to quickly scale the wall and get up on the ramparts. From there assassinate the guard who has his back to you then move over to the next pile of crates and take up a corner position there along the Southern side of them.

If you get exceptionally lucky, all this will draw the attention of the captain of the fort. In that case, press against the crates once again, this time to the Southern face and wait for him to climb the stairs. Once he is closer, whistle to call him over and get a very easy kill on him. This can go a little wrong and cause a lot of attention if you cannot properly lure the captain over.

If that instance did not happen, then jump down into the hay cart below once the coast is clear. Wait in the hay cart for the patrolling guard then assassinate him, pulling him inside the hay afterward. Now wait for an opening in the patrols and then dash to the West across the walkway you are in and climb up the next wall. Take up a corner position and wait a minute for the nearby patrolling guard to close in. Assassinate them quickly then head into the area they were patrolling. Turn to the right and climb up the wall and onto the rooftop just after the first window. When the patrol opposite Connor is looking away cross the roof and perform a Leap of Faith into the hay cart below (look for the pigeons to know where to leap from).

In the hay cart you are in position to assassinate the fort's captain (if you have not already). Wait for all other patrols to be facing away to just yank him in for the kill. After that head up the stairs to the right, back to where you dealt with the 2 guards on the Northeastern rampart. Head to the North along that rampart to make toward the powder reserve. Just go straight along here and drop down to find the Powder Reserve. Set it to explode and head back up the stairs to get back to the Eastern Rampart. There you will find the Flag pole. Going along this path will give you a clear run straight to the pole itself.