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The Evolution of Eevee – Black and White Version 2: Umbreon
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 10/23/2012
A series of articles covering Pokemon Black and White Version 2. A massive update to the Evolution of Eevee Series. This segment looks into Umbreon: its new moves, and abilities.

The Evolution of Eevee – Black and White Version 2: Umbreon

Pokedex Entry
Nation: #197, Unova: #96
“When exposed to the moon's aura, the rings on its body glow faintly and its filled with a mysterious power.”

Umbreon was introduced in the second generation of Pokemon for quite a while people did not really get how you were supposed to evolve Eevee into it. Now though, it is relatively easy to do just that. With the rampant ability to simply check friendship in addition to the massages that are available early in the game (between Castelia and Join Avenue, you can manage it in only a short while) as well as the access to the Soothe Bell when you make it Nimbasa City. It does not take long to get this Pokemon at all. The whole trick remains to get its friendship high and level it up during the Daytime.

Umbreon was designed to be a tank and it has been fulfilling that role very well since. When it gained Moonlight and Wish, it become a much better one. Wish can be passed onto its team-mates and still functions from Umbreon's considerable HP. Still, while it makes one great wall, it does not do much else too well. Umbreon's attacks are both low but such is the price of getting that kind of wall. It helps to have something to attack with as most Umbreon builds focus entirely on defense or support. It does not have the statistics to make a good attacker but it can Wall with the best of them and keep things alive surprisingly well. This is the support Eevee if there ever was one.

Unlocking the Hidden Abilities:
With the addition of the Dream World, it has become possible for all of the forms of Eevee to unlock a hidden ability of their own. If one of the rare Female Eevees has its hidden ability unlocked, then it can be bred and it can be passed on. If not, then you must use the Dream World. Log in and send the desired Eevee into the Dream World. Have it play the “Play to Befriend a Pokemon” game. This will unlock the hidden ability when the Pokemon wakes from its sleep.

Synchronize: In Battle: If inflicted with Poison, Paralyze or Burn, it inflicts the same status on one's opponent.
Out of Battle: Increases chance of finding Wild Pokemon of the same nature.

Hidden Ability:
Inner Focus: The Pokemon will not flinch (does not prevent flinch from Focus Punch).

In-game Base Statistics:
Hitpoints: 95 Attack: 65 Defense: 110 Sp. Attack: 60 Sp. Defense: 130 Speed: 65

Move List:
0 – Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip
5 – Sand Attack
9 – Pursuit
13 – Quick Attack
17 – Confuse Ray
21 – Faint Attack
25 – Assurance
29 – Screech
33 – Moon Light
37 – Mean Look
41 – Last Resort
45 – Guard Swap

TM/HM Compatibly:
TM 06 – Toxic
TM 10 – Hidden Power
TM 11 – Sunny Day
TM 12 – Taunt
TM 15 – Hyper Beam
TM 17 – Protect
TM 18 – Rain Dance
TM 21 – Frustration
TM 27 – Return
TM 28 – Dig
TM 29 – Psychic
TM 30 – Shadow Ball
TM 32 – Double Team
TM 41 – Torment
TM 42 – Facade
TM 44 – Rest
TM 45 – Attract
TM 48 – Round
TM 49 – Echoed Voice
TM 66 – Payback
TM 67 – Retaliate
TM 70 – Flash
TM 77 – Pysch Up
TM 83 – Work Up
TM 85 – Dream Eater
TM 87 – Swagger
TM 90 – Substitute
TM 95 – Snarl
HM 01 – Cut

Move Tutors
Covet, Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Heal Bell, Helping Hand, Hyper Voice, Iron Tail, Last Resort, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Snore, Spite, Wonder Room