The Evolution of Eevee – Black and White Version 2: Vaporeon

Pokedex Entry
National: #134, Unova: #92
“Its cell composition is similar to water molecules. As a result, it can't be seen when it melts away into water”

Vaporeon is the original Tank of the Eeveelutions. It has the most hit points of any of the evolutions, hands down. It now has a few more surprises than before with its new moves. Scald allows for a different kind of attacking than usual, finally giving Vaporeon a way to naturally induce a status effect. This gives is another niche beyond its premier spot as a Wish User. The addition of the ability Hydration as a Hidden Ability is useful to create a very durable wall that can mandate a One Hit KO in a Rain Dance team. Vaporeon remains a note-worthy Wall to say the least.

While it has obscene HP and a solid Special Defense, it is easy to overlook its massive Special Attack. With Scald and Surf both options it can do a lot more than it could before. This makes Vaporeon a much more conceivable attacker than it was prior (which was not too often, but they were out there).

Unlocking the Hidden Abilities:
With the addition of the Dream World, it has become possible for all of the forms of Eevee to unlock a hidden ability of their own. If one of the rare Female Eevees has its hidden ability unlocked, then it can be bred and it can be passed on. If not, then you must use the Dream World. Log in and send the desired Eevee into the Dream World. Have it play the “Play to Befriend a Pokemon” game. This will unlock the hidden ability when the Pokemon wakes from its sleep.

Water Absorb: Restores 25% of HP when hit with a Water-type Move.

Hidden Ability:
Hydration: When Rain or Drizzle is in effect, this Pokemon heals itself of Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, Poison or Sleep at the end of each turn.

In-game Base Statistics:
Hitpoints: 130 Attack: 65 Defense: 60 Sp. Attack: 110 Sp. Defense: 95 Speed: 65

Move List:
0 – Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip
5 – Sand Attack
9 – Water Gun
13 – Quick Attack
17 – Water Pulse
21 – Aurora Beam
25 – Aqua Ring
29 – Acid Armor
33 – Haze
37 – Muddy Water
41 – Last Resort
45 – Hydro Pump

TM/HM Compatibly:
TM 05 – Roar
TM 06 – Toxic
TM 07 – Hail
TM 10 – Hidden Power
TM 11 – Sunny Day
TM 13 – Ice Beam
TM 14 – Blizzard
TM 15 – Hyper Beam
TM 17 – Protect
TM 18 – Rain Dance
TM 21 – Frustration
TM 27 – Return
TM 28 – Dig
TM 30 – Shadow Ball
TM 32 – Double Team
TM 42 – Facade
TM 44 – Rest
TM 45 – Attract
TM 48 – Round
TM 49 – Echoed Voice
TM 55 – Scald
TM 67 – Retaliate
TM 68 – Giga Impact
TM 83 – Work Up
TM 87 – Swagger
TM 90 – Substitute
TM 94 – Rock Smash
HM 05 – Waterfall
HM 06 – Dive

Move Tutors:
Aqua Tail, Covet, Heal Bell, Helping Hand, Hyper Voice, Icy Wind, Iron Tail, Last Resort, Signal Beam, Sleep Talk, Snore