Pokemon Black White Version 2 – Game Features: Xtransciever

Unlike previous versions of Pokemon, Black & White Version 2 boast many features earlier on and it seems to have made at least part of raising up Pokemon for your team easier. The game is designed to make life a lot easier and melds in unexpected ways from the original.

While it boasted many useful features before it has added a few more now. There are 5 core people you can talk to: Professor Juniper, Your Rival, Cheren, your Mother and Bianca.

Professor Juniper:
As before she will evaluate the progress of your pokedex. She will also explain some about Evolution. She will ask you to select a Pokemon in your party and she will tell you by what means it will evolve. If it has multiple evolutions then she will explain just what they are.

Your rival is now a good source of information. Not sure on what to do? Give him a call. It seems in this game the plot is less straight forward than before where it is not clearly laid out where to look immediately. He will also comment on any legendary Pokemon that have revealed themselves on the map.

Cheren is especially useful for those who are new to the series. He will explain the effects the different Pokemon abilities can have in battle. He will also tell you the different weaknesses you Pokemon have. This is very handy if you are new to the series and have not gotten everything down. There is a lot of ground to cover there.

calling your Mother has its own uses. She will tell you more about the location you are at. She will hint as to the different areas that become available with the changing of the season. She can tell you other useful tidbits.

Bianca, to many, will seem like something you have wanted for a long time. She will tell you the friendship rating of your people. The friendlier the two of you are, the more excited she gets. She is also fairly happy that you two are starting out too … Later though, after you clear the Hall of Fame, you can call her and check on the Effort Values of your Pokemon. Effort Values are mostly for competitive play.

Once you have completed the Dropped Item Event in Nimbasa City you will be able to trade with that person. They offer up special Pokemon trades when their storyline is completed.