Pokemon Black White Version 2 – The Habitat List and the Pokedex

The Habitat List
This is a completely new feature in the game, but a very welcome one. For many there is a lot of emphasis on catching all the Pokemon you can in a single area. What this does it make it easier to do just that. It will create a list that is very easily accessible through the Pokedex and break down what Pokemon you have caught and encountered from each of the area. Occasionally you will find people who give you rewards based on completing particular habitats.

The habitat guide itself only explains some of how it works but does not fully break things down. Over time things become apparent if you look at it regular. On the Habitat screen you will see a locations name and up to 3 colored tabs to the left of it. The tabs will appear as you encounter and catch Pokemon over the course of the game.

Here is how the colors break done:
Green: Pokemon found in the tall grass
Pale Blue: Pokemon found on the water's surface
Dark Blue: Pokemon found by fishing (Available after clearing the Elite Four for the first time)

Tab Symbols:
Exclamation Point: Updated List – You have found Pokemon not previous listed
Grey Pokeball: Seen All Pokemon in that habitat
Red Pokeball: Captured All Pokemon in that habitat

The Pokedex:
While this is the most classic feature of the Pokemon series it does not always have something worth mentioning. In these 2 games however, it does. As you go through the, encountering and capturing Pokemon you will get receive some rewards.

See all Unova Pokemon:
See all 150 Unova Pokemon and visit Professor Juniper. She will then give you a special pass that will allow you access to the Nature Preserve. This special location is found off Mistralton City. It get through the whole thing, and to the Shiny Haxorus, you will need access to Surf and Cut.

Capture All Unova Pokemon:
When you have captured all 150 Unova Pokemon be sure to return to Professor Juniper. She will reward you with the Oval Charm. This is a unique item and one that is well worth the effort to get. This charm makes it easier for the Daycare Man to find eggs when a Pokemon is holding it is in the daycare. This is a great tool for Pokemon Breeders and battlers.

Complete the National Pokedex:
If you manage this herculean task you will need to find Cedric Juniper. He will reward you with the Shiny Charm. This charm, when it is in your bag, notable increases your chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon. It increases it to roughly a 33% chance overall. It is great for those who want to add a good number of Shiny Pokemon to their already massive collection.