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Skyrim Skills and Perks Guide: Restoration
By chronodev (Ron)
Published on 11/24/2011
A guide to the Restoration Skill Tree and Restoration Perks on Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The School of Restoration involves control over life forces. This skill makes it easier to cast spells like Healing, Turn Undead, and magical Wards.

The Restoration tree is good for a defensive type mage, as well any type of mage who wants to be able to heal themselves and have some defensive capabilities. Non magic classes can also benefit from this tree to grant them some emergency healing capabilities.

The Restoration skill is leveled up by healing damage off yourself, by using wards to defend yourself, as well as using the offensive restoration spells such as turning undead.

Journeyman Trainer: Keeper Carcette (Hall of the Vigilant)
Expert Trainer: Collete Marence (College of Winterhold)
Master Trainer: Danica Pure-Spring (Whiterun)


Healing: Heals the caster 10 points per second
Lesser Ward: Increases armor by 40 points and negates up to 40 points of spell damage or effects

Fast Healing: Heals the caster 50 points
Healing Hands: Heals the target 10 points per second, but not undead, Atronachs or machines
Steadfast Ward: Increases armor rating by 60 points and negates up to 60 points of spell damage or effects
Turn Lesser Undead: Undead up to level 6 flee for 30 seconds.

Close Wounds: Heals the caster 100 points
Greater Ward: Increases armor rating by 80 points and negates up to 80 points of spell damage or effects.
Heal Other: Heals the target 75 points, but not undead, Atronachs, or machines
Repel Lesser Undead: All affected Undead up to level 8 flee for 30 seconds
Turn Undead: undead up to level 13 flee for 30 seconds

Circle of Protection: Undead up to level 30 entering the circle will flee
Grand Healing: Heals everyone close to the caster  200 points (including enemies!)
Repel Undead: All affected undead up to level 16 flee for 30 seconds
Turn Greater Undead: Undead up to level 21 flee for 30 seconds
Bone of the Undead: Sets undead up to level 30 on fire and makes them flee for 30 seconds
Guardian Circle: Undead up to level 35 entering the circle will flee. Caster heals 20 health per second inside it


Novice Restoration
Cast Novice level Restoration spells for half Magicka

Apprentice Restoration
Cast apprentice level Restoration spells for half Magicka
Requires: Novice Restoration, Restoration 25

Adept Restoration
Cast adept level Restoration spells for half Magicka
Requires: Apprentice Restoration, Restoration 50

Expert Restoration
Cast expert level Restoration spells for half Magicka
Requires: Adept Resoration, Restoration 75

Master Restoration
Cast Master level Restoration spells for half Magicka
Requires: Expert Restoration, Restoration 100

Note: The Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert and Master Restoration Perks are  a MUST to anyone planning on using spells from this tree. Without them, you will NOT be able to heal effectively and will quickly ran out of Magicka

Restoration Dual Casting
Dual Casting a Restoration spell overcharges the effect into an even more powerful version
Requires: Novice Restoration, Restoration 20

Note: Great perk that lets you double your healing effectiveness.
To dual cast a spell, equip it in both left and right hands and hold both buttons to cast

Recovery (1/2)
Magicka regenerates 25%/50% faster
Requires: Novice Restoration, Restoration 30/60

Note: Great perk for ANY mage. You shoulld take this skill as soon as possible even if Restoration is not your primary or secondary tree

Avoid Death
Once per day, heals 250 points automatically if you fall below 10% health
Requires:  Recovery, Restoration 90

Note: Great perk that can save your life many times.

Ward Absorb
Wards recharge your Magicka when hit with spells.
Requires: Novice Restoration, Restoration 60

Note: Take only if using a lot of Wards

Healing spells cure 50% more
Requires: Novice Restoration, Restoration 20

Note: Take this perk as soon as possible, it increases your healing effectiveness significantly.

All spells are more effective against undead
Requires: Regeneration, Restoration 70

Note: Nice spell to take for any mage since this increases the effectiveness of ALL your offensive spells, not just those under the Restoration tree. And there are a lot of Undead in this game. So aim to get this as early as possible and all your destruction spells and other spells will do more damage against undead.

Healing spells also restore stamina
Requires: Novice Restoration, Restoration 40

Note: Good for mages who also use weapons. If you are a pure mage who does not use weapons a lot, then this is less useful, but it can still help you with running away from enemies.