Archery trains the archer in the use of bows and arrows. The greater the skill, the more deadly the shot.

Rangers or any warrior type class who wants to do damage at range should consider this tree. Thieves and sneaky type characters should also consider this one.

Increase your archery skill by using your bow to hit enemies from a distance. You can also increase this skill by talking to trainers.


Journeyman Trainer: Faendal (Riverwood)
Expert Trainer: Aela the Huntress (Whiterun)
Master Trainer: Niruin (Riften)


Bows do 20/40/60/80/100% more damage
Requires: Archery 0/20/40/60/80

Note: If you use bows at all, you should take this perk whenever you can

Eagle Eye
Pressing Block while aiming will zoom in your view
Requires: Overdraw, Archery 30

Note: Cool perk to take that will let you hit opponents from a great distance

Steady Hand (1/2)
Zooming in with a bow slows time by 25/50%
Requires: Eagle Eye, Archery 40/60

Power Shot
Arrows stagger all but the largest opponents 50% of the time.
Requires: Eagle Eye, Archery 50

Note: Great perk that buys you more time in combat

Quick Shot
Can draw a bow 30% faster
Requires: Powershot, Archer 70

Note: Quickshot is a useful perk that cuts the time you can draw your bow and shoot the arrow, which is important since you want to shoot as many arrows as you can at an approaching enemy before it enters melee range.

Critical Shot (1/2/3)
10/15/20% chance of a critical hit that does extra damage
Requires: Overdraw, Archery 30/60/90

Note: A Critical hit adds 50% damage. Take this perk to increase damage output.

Hunter's Discipline
Recover twice as many arrows from dead bodies
Requires: Critical Shot, Archery 50

Note: Take this perk if you find yourself running out of arrows, or if you use rare arrows a lot and want to recover more of them.

Able to move faster with a drawn bow
Requires: Hunter's Discipline, Archery 60

Note: Useful perk especially for stealth characters

15% chance of paralyzing the target for a few seconds
Requires: Ranger or Quick Shot, Archery 100