Exploring the world of skyrim, you will find food is in abundance - from potatoes, cabbage, and bread, to meat and even deserts and pastries. Usually food will restore your character's health, but some food may have additional effects, either positive or negative.

Food usually restores a lot less health then healing potions. However, food is much more common, cheap, and easier to get. So in combat, if you find yourself low on health, and you have run out of potions, bring up the food menu and eat enough food to get your health to a safe level.

You can get food from many merchants, traders, and inns. You can also find food as you loot items from corpses or search containers.

Your character does not have to eat food. He will not starve to death. Eating is optional in Skyrim.

Cooking  Pots allow you to cook food that restores your health or provides other temporary effects. Each recipe requires specific culinary ingredients that can be found throughout Skyrim.