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  Wild Woody Sega 1995 57 percent (Very Sought After) 45.00 17.00 7.00 Search Ebay for Wild Woody for the sega cd!
  Wing Commander Electronic Arts 1994 59 percent (Very Sought After) 50.00 25.00 8.00 Search Ebay for Wing Commander for the sega cd!
  Wirehead Sega 1995 62 percent (Highly Collectible) 40.00 18.00 5.00 Search Ebay for Wirehead for the sega cd!
  Wolfchild JVC 1992 64 percent (Highly Collectible) 50.00 30.00 9.00 Search Ebay for Wolfchild for the sega cd!
  Wonder Dog JVC 1992 42 percent (Sought After) 33.00 18.00 10.00 Search Ebay for Wonder Dog for the sega cd!
  World Cup USA '94 U.S. Gold 1994 35 percent (Uncommon) 20.00 10.00 4.00 Search Ebay for World Cup USA '94 for the sega cd!
  WWF Rage in the Cage Arena 1993 28 percent (Common) 16.00 10.00 6.00 Search Ebay for WWF Rage in the Cage for the sega cd!
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Values listed are for NTSC versions (where applicable) unless otherwise stated.

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