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Sega Saturn Rarity Guide

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  Panzer Dragoon Saga Sega 1998 96 percent (Ultra Rare) 600.00 240.00 80.00 Search Ebay for Panzer Dragoon Saga for the sega saturn!
  Shining Force III Sega 1998 93 percent (Ultra Rare) 300.00 130.00 70.00 Search Ebay for Shining Force III for the sega saturn!
  Mega Man 8 Capcom 1997 91 percent (Ultra Rare) 220.00 95.00 35.00 Search Ebay for Mega Man 8 for the sega saturn!
  Guardian Heroes Sega 1996 90 percent (Super Rare) 270.00 125.00 38.00 Search Ebay for Guardian Heroes for the sega saturn!
  Winning Post Koei 1996 89 percent (Super Rare) 227.00 100.00 30.00 Search Ebay for Winning Post for the sega saturn!
  Mortal Kombat Trilogy Midway 1997 86 percent (Super Rare) 205.00 90.00 32.00 Search Ebay for Mortal Kombat Trilogy for the sega saturn!
  Burning Rangers Sega 1998 85 percent (Super Rare) 260.00 120.00 34.00 Search Ebay for Burning Rangers for the sega saturn!
  Dragon Force Working Designs 1996 75 percent (Extremely Collectible) 255.00 110.00 29.00 Search Ebay for Dragon Force for the sega saturn!
  House of the Dead Sega 1998 74 percent (Extremely Collectible) 175.00 80.00 29.00 Search Ebay for House of the Dead for the sega saturn!
  Marvel Super Heroes Capcom 1997 74 percent (Extremely Collectible) 120.00 50.00 24.00 Search Ebay for Marvel Super Heroes for the sega saturn!
  Shinobi Legions Vic Tokai 1995 74 percent (Extremely Collectible) 90.00 35.00 10.00 Search Ebay for Shinobi Legions for the sega saturn!
  Lunacy Atlus 1997 71 percent (Extremely Collectible) 90.00 35.00 9.00 Search Ebay for Lunacy for the sega saturn!
  Magic Knight Rayearth Working Designs 1998 70 percent (Highly Collectible) 130.00 75.00 37.00 Search Ebay for Magic Knight Rayearth for the sega saturn!
  Saturn Bomberman Sega 1997 70 percent (Highly Collectible) 120.00 55.00 23.00 Search Ebay for Saturn Bomberman for the sega saturn!
  Mega Man X4 Capcom 1997 69 percent (Highly Collectible) 92.00 42.00 19.00 Search Ebay for Mega Man X4 for the sega saturn!
  Sonic Jam Sega 1997 69 percent (Highly Collectible) 90.00 41.00 21.00 Search Ebay for Sonic Jam for the sega saturn!
  Clockwork Knight 2 Sega 1995 68 percent (Highly Collectible) 135.00 60.00 19.00 Search Ebay for Clockwork Knight 2 for the sega saturn!
  Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Sega 1996 68 percent (Highly Collectible) 120.00 50.00 21.00 Search Ebay for Panzer Dragoon II Zwei for the sega saturn!
  Shining the Holy Ark Sega 1997 68 percent (Highly Collectible) 160.00 70.00 30.00 Search Ebay for Shining the Holy Ark for the sega saturn!
  Crypt Killer Konami 1997 67 percent (Highly Collectible) 90.00 40.00 12.00 Search Ebay for Crypt Killer for the sega saturn!
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Values listed are for NTSC versions (where applicable) unless otherwise stated.

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