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RemoteLearning.school review


RemoteLearning.school is an online school that can be taken to supplement your kid's regular school's program, or as part of a homeschool curriculum. It is intended for kids ages 5-14, altough even 4 year olds have benefitted from its pre-school classes, and high-school aged kids benefit from its more advanced classes as well. So even though it says ages 5-14, it is still recommended even if your kid is a little below or over that range.


One of the most talked about features is their JuniorFolio™ which is a digital portolio of your kids achievements. Certificates get placed in the JuniorFolio™ as your kid completes certain milestones. This is great for documenting your kid's progress as well as showing off to family and friends. Having a JuniorFolio™ is a must nowadays and will help get your kid into advanced programs, even will increase his or her chances to get into the college of their choice.

Student ID

All learners get a digital student ID. Useful as an alternate form of Identification, proof of enrollment, or to get student discounts! I was able to save hundreds of dollars over the past months by using the Student ID to purchase supplies and more.

School Email Account

All the learners get their own free @RemoteLearning.school email account. This, as well as the school ID, are features not offered in other online schools. Email account has parental monitors for protection.

Contests and Events

RemoteLearning.school organizes many online events such as online costume contest for Halloween, Virtual Science Fair, Online Talent Show, art contests, and more. My kid was very excited to participate in the Online Costume Contest for Halloween 2020!


Lessons cover all subjects such as Math, Science, ELA, History, Geography, and more. There are also lots of other great subjects including music, astronomy, and even learning Spanish!


Pricing is very affordable and it is recommended you purchase the lifetime membership if available.

Customer Service

I would always get a reply to any email within 24 hours, even less!

Social Media

RemoteLearning.school is very active on Social Media and you can connect with them using the following channels:
RemoteLearning.school Facebook
RemoteLearning.school Twitter
RemoteLearning.school YouTube Channel

RemoteLearning.school Review

5/5 It is highly recommended to enroll there to give your kids the advantage they deserve in today's educational environment.