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  Exodus Wisdom Tree 1990 38 percent (Uncommon) 66.00 20.00 8.00 Search Ebay for Exodus for the nes!
  F-117A Stealth Fighter Microprose 1992 24 percent (Common) 35.00 20.00 5.00 Search Ebay for F-117A Stealth Fighter for the nes!
  F-15 City War American Video 1990 33 percent (Uncommon) 33.00 16.00 5.00 Search Ebay for F-15 City War for the nes!
  F-15 Strike Eagle Microprose 1992 38 percent (Uncommon) 37.00 17.00 7.00 Search Ebay for F-15 Strike Eagle for the nes!
  Family Feud Gametek 1991 52 percent (Very Sought After) 53.00 20.00 9.00 Search Ebay for Family Feud for the nes!
  Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Camerica 1993 44 percent (Sought After) 70.00 36.00 7.00 Search Ebay for Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy for the nes!
  Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (Aladdin Cart) Camerica 1993 48 percent (Sought After) 85.00 38.00 18.00 Search Ebay for Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (Aladdin Cart) for the nes!
  Fantasy Zone Tengen 1989 43 percent (Sought After) 93.00 30.00 10.00 Search Ebay for Fantasy Zone for the nes!
  Faria Nexoft 1991 78 percent (Extremely Collectible) 211.00 86.00 28.00 Search Ebay for Faria for the nes!
  Faxanadu Nintendo 1989 18 percent (Very Common) 38.00 15.00 6.00 Search Ebay for Faxanadu for the nes!
  Felix the Cat Hudson 1992 48 percent (Sought After) 139.00 41.00 14.00 Search Ebay for Felix the Cat for the nes!
  Ferrari: Grand Prix Challenge Acclaim 1992 32 percent (Uncommon) 31.00 15.00 4.00 Search Ebay for Ferrari: Grand Prix Challenge for the nes!
  Fester's Quest Sunsoft 1989 18 percent (Very Common) 32.00 15.00 3.00 Search Ebay for Fester's Quest for the nes!
  Final Fantasy Nintendo 1990 60 percent (Very Sought After) 366.00 93.00 18.00 Search Ebay for Final Fantasy for the nes!
  Fire 'N Ice Tecmo 1993 87 percent (Super Rare) 451.00 129.00 47.00 Search Ebay for Fire 'N Ice for the nes!
  Firehawk Camerica 1989 42 percent (Sought After) 49.00 26.00 6.00 Search Ebay for Firehawk for the nes!
  Fisher-Price: Firehouse Rescue Gametek 1992 62 percent (Highly Collectible) 93.00 41.00 10.00 Search Ebay for Fisher-Price: Firehouse Rescue for the nes!
  Fisher-Price: I Can Remember Gametek 1990 44 percent (Sought After) 48.00 20.00 4.00 Search Ebay for Fisher-Price: I Can Remember for the nes!
  Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit Gametek 1990 52 percent (Very Sought After) 41.00 17.00 4.00 Search Ebay for Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit for the nes!
  Fist of the North Star Taxan 1989 60 percent (Very Sought After) 86.00 28.00 8.00 Search Ebay for Fist of the North Star for the nes!
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Values listed are for NTSC versions (where applicable) unless otherwise stated.

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