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Atari Lynx WarBirds game manual a look inside

Atari Lynx WarBirds game manual a look inside

A peek inside the manual for the game WarBirds for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System. This page reads: AERIAL ARMAGEDDON! It's World War I and you are the newest pilot in the Army Air Force. Your eyes almost bug out as you are led to your aeroplane, an awesome biplane fresh from the factory. You look with amazement at the twin front-mounted rapid-fire machine guns. You hear the crackling of the guns, the rip of a hit, and the screaming whine of a crashing enemy plane. The time has come to put your training to the test, to find out what you're really made of. It's time to join the WarBirds! WarBirds is a simulation of aerial combat. You may play alone and hone your skills, but the real thrills come when you engage your friends in deadly dogfights.

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