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A look inside the Atari Lynx Owners Manual

A look inside the Atari Lynx Owners Manual

page 8 reads: The life of alkaline batteris is approximately four hours. Rechargeable batteries may be used. It is time to change or recharge the battery when the unit stops working, the screen becomes dim or erratic, or the sound becomes distroted or weak. The following drawing shows the back of the Lynx. Look at it carefully to see how to insert batteries. (Diagram of back fo Atari Lynx). Page 9 reads: Follow the steps listed below to insert batteries into your Lynx. 1. Place yout thumbs over the battery compartment door and slide the door down. The battery compartment is exposed. 2. Insert 6 AA batteries, 3 in each channel, correctly aligning the positive (+) terminals. (See the battery diagram on the back of the Lymx.) Replace the door.

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