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  Black Lotus Alpha 1993 99 percent (Ultra Rare) 4655.63 3353.63 3235.27 Search Ebay for Black Lotus Search Amazon for Black Lotus
  Time Walk Alpha 1993 96 percent (Ultra Rare) 1753.83 1244.17 1139.24 Search Ebay for Time Walk Search Amazon for Time Walk
  Mox Emerald Alpha 1993 93 percent (Ultra Rare) 1424.99 1112.49 974.99 Search Ebay for Mox Emerald Search Amazon for Mox Emerald
  Underground Sea Alpha 1993 92 percent (Ultra Rare) 1395.05 1111.10 1012.34 Search Ebay for Underground Sea Search Amazon for Underground Sea
  Plateau Alpha 1993 92 percent (Ultra Rare) 1319.98 995.98 971.98 Search Ebay for Plateau Search Amazon for Plateau
  Mox Sapphire Alpha 1993 92 percent (Ultra Rare) 1396.02 1109.66 930.68 Search Ebay for Mox Sapphire Search Amazon for Mox Sapphire
  Time Vault Alpha 1993 90 percent (Super Rare) 994.49 781.99 696.99 Search Ebay for Time Vault Search Amazon for Time Vault
  Mox Ruby Alpha 1993 86 percent (Super Rare) 856.81 649.99 561.36 Search Ebay for Mox Ruby Search Amazon for Mox Ruby
  Mox Jet Alpha 1993 78 percent (Extremely Collectible) 665.99 527.99 431.99 Search Ebay for Mox Jet Search Amazon for Mox Jet
  Wheel of Fortune Alpha 1993 79 percent (Extremely Collectible) 689.98 503.98 473.98 Search Ebay for Wheel of Fortune Search Amazon for Wheel of Fortune
  Taiga Alpha 1993 76 percent (Extremely Collectible) 627.28 469.10 414.55 Search Ebay for Taiga Search Amazon for Taiga
  Mox Pearl Alpha 1993 81 percent (Super Rare) 980.00 829.00 788.00 Search Ebay for Mox Pearl Search Amazon for Mox Pearl
  Timetwister Alpha 1993 74 percent (Extremely Collectible) 576.04 423.11 377.23 Search Ebay for Timetwister Search Amazon for Timetwister
  Scrubland Alpha 1993 71 percent (Extremely Collectible) 476.20 363.42 321.64 Search Ebay for Scrubland Search Amazon for Scrubland
  Mana Vault Alpha 1993 70 percent (Highly Collectible) 447.99 359.99 299.99 Search Ebay for Mana Vault Search Amazon for Mana Vault
  Nevinyrral's Disk Alpha 1993 70 percent (Highly Collectible) 447.98 347.98 319.98 Search Ebay for Nevinyrral's Disk Search Amazon for Nevinyrral's Disk
  Sol Ring Alpha 1993 70 percent (Highly Collectible) 412.99 307.99 276.49 Search Ebay for Sol Ring Search Amazon for Sol Ring
  Nightmare Alpha 1993 67 percent (Highly Collectible) 255.29 209.29 181.69 Search Ebay for Nightmare Search Amazon for Nightmare
  Balance Alpha 1993 67 percent (Highly Collectible) 264.48 197.78 181.68 Search Ebay for Balance Search Amazon for Balance
  Elvish Archers Alpha 1993 68 percent (Highly Collectible) 305.08 237.58 221.38 Search Ebay for Elvish Archers Search Amazon for Elvish Archers
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