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Magic: The Gathering MTG Rarity Guide

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  Wall of Water Alpha 1993 33 percent (Uncommon) 5.36 4.05 3.40 Search Ebay for Wall of Water Search Amazon for Wall of Water
  Throne of Bone Alpha 1993 32 percent (Uncommon) 5.19 3.95 3.63 Search Ebay for Throne of Bone Search Amazon for Throne of Bone
  Soul Net Alpha 1993 32 percent (Uncommon) 5.10 4.10 3.34 Search Ebay for Soul Net Search Amazon for Soul Net
  Tundra Alpha 1993 32 percent (Uncommon) 5.02 3.78 3.27 Search Ebay for Tundra Search Amazon for Tundra
  Drain Life Alpha 1993 31 percent (Uncommon) 4.40 3.35 3.15 Search Ebay for Drain Life Search Amazon for Drain Life
  Circle of Protection: Red Alpha 1993 31 percent (Uncommon) 4.55 3.55 3.19 Search Ebay for Circle of Protection: Red Search Amazon for Circle of Protection: Red
  Stone Rain Alpha 1993 31 percent (Uncommon) 4.63 3.67 3.07 Search Ebay for Stone Rain Search Amazon for Stone Rain
  Siren's Call Alpha 1993 31 percent (Uncommon) 4.61 3.53 2.86 Search Ebay for Siren's Call Search Amazon for Siren's Call
  Unsummon Alpha 1993 30 percent (Common) 4.18 3.46 2.85 Search Ebay for Unsummon Search Amazon for Unsummon
  Unholy Strength Alpha 1993 29 percent (Common) 3.89 3.01 2.63 Search Ebay for Unholy Strength Search Amazon for Unholy Strength
  Prodigal Sorcerer Alpha 1993 29 percent (Common) 3.80 3.11 2.48 Search Ebay for Prodigal Sorcerer Search Amazon for Prodigal Sorcerer
  Disintegrate Alpha 1993 29 percent (Common) 3.93 3.10 2.64 Search Ebay for Disintegrate Search Amazon for Disintegrate
  Red Ward Alpha 1993 29 percent (Common) 3.64 2.93 2.30 Search Ebay for Red Ward Search Amazon for Red Ward
  Fog Alpha 1993 28 percent (Common) 3.37 2.72 2.35 Search Ebay for Fog Search Amazon for Fog
  Giant Growth Alpha 1993 28 percent (Common) 3.31 2.50 2.29 Search Ebay for Giant Growth Search Amazon for Giant Growth
  Pestilence Alpha 1993 28 percent (Common) 3.49 2.62 2.44 Search Ebay for Pestilence Search Amazon for Pestilence
  Craw Wurm Alpha 1993 27 percent (Common) 3.15 2.23 2.10 Search Ebay for Craw Wurm Search Amazon for Craw Wurm
  Scryb Sprites Alpha 1993 27 percent (Common) 2.91 2.10 1.80 Search Ebay for Scryb Sprites Search Amazon for Scryb Sprites
  Plague Rats Alpha 1993 26 percent (Common) 2.55 1.99 1.70 Search Ebay for Plague Rats Search Amazon for Plague Rats
  Power Sink Alpha 1993 26 percent (Common) 2.46 1.99 1.77 Search Ebay for Power Sink Search Amazon for Power Sink
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