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    Post World of Warcraft (WOW) Article on how I made lots of gold and how it affected me

    I've written an article about my personal story of playing World of Warcraft and how I basically became a millionaire there using tools such as Auctioneer to make gold, lots of gold. But this article is not a gold making guide or a leveling guide, but rather a personal story of how becoming rich affects your view on the game. While this article was about my World of Warcraft experiences, the lessons learnt can be applied to all MMORPGs.

    Hope it turns out to be a good read for you



    This is a personal recollection of my experiences in World of Warcraft, as I rose to riches in Azeroth. This story is not meant to be neither a leveling guide nor a gold guide, though I am sure some will perceive it as such.


    I have never been a hard core gamer. Am proud to be part of the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600 generation. In those days, playing was for pure fun. I had never even heard of walkthroughs or cheats. My sole purpose when playing was to enjoy the games. I cared less about beating a game in less than a day, or beating a game at all. While this changed a bit as I grew, inside me the core old school gamer forever remained.

    Enter MMORPGs

    I never played the early MMORPGs such as EverQuest and Ultima Online. I did play some Diablo II, if that can be considered an MMORPG. But one day I heard a friend in college talk about some MMORPG he has been playing, Asheron's Call. The concept of the online world now suddenly....

    Continued here:
    How I became a millionaire (in World of Warcraft)
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    nice story, and partly true allthough the drive in that huge game is different for everyone. coming from wow myself in a end game raiding guild (SWP cleared) the drives are ofc completely different. overall you must admire the quality of that the game can appeal so such diverse playstyles and be addictive to all.



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