This thread is for discussing World of Warcraft Miniatures teams you've built and others have built, and get idea for your own teams.

I'll start with one of my favorite teams from the Monster Faction, which has won me several games. I call it "Fiery Ogres"

Enraged Fire Spirit - 8 Honor

Boulderfist Warrior - 6 Honor
Heroic Strike

Crushridge Ogre - 7 Honor
Healing Wave
Earth Shock

Total: 21 Honor

The enraged Fire Spirit is one of my favorite monsters. It has good resistances and health, plus it has the ability that deals damage to anyone coming near it, plus it can use Fire cards even though it is not a mage. Very powerful. And equipped also with an AOE (Flamestrike) things can get bery hot.

Boulderfist warrior serves as the main tank with 11 health. And it has a very powerful (7 dice) primary attack. For only 6 honor, it's a good deal

Crushridge Ogre is there mostly for support, but she can tank and damage on her own. Healing wave takes care of the healing part, and Earth shock to deal with any abilities that you don't want the enemy to cast. Plus she gives a reroll for all your Ogres' attack rolls.