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    Default List of trading card games

    Where can I find a list of all collectible card games? (Also known as CCGs or TCGs)

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    Big list in Wikipedia. For example:

    .hack//ENEMY Trading Card Game (Decipher, Inc.) [1]
    007 Spy Cards (GE Fabbri) [2] (January 2008)
    24 Trading Card Game (Press Pass, Inc) [3] (August 2007)
    7th Sea Collectible Card Game (Alderac Entertainment Group) (August 1999)
    A Game of Thrones (Fantasy Flight Games) [4]
    Age of Empires Expandable Card Game (Journeyman Press/The United States Playing Card Company) [5]
    Age of Heroes (Companion Games) (1997)
    Aliens vs. Predator Collectible Card Game (Precedence Entertainment/Harper Collins/HarperPrism/Zehrapushu/ZI Games) (August 1997)
    Allegiance: War of Factions (Lucid Raven Productions) [6]
    American Idol Season 3 Collectible Card Game (Fleer/SkyBox International LP)
    Anachronism (TriKing Games/The History Channel) [7]
    Ani-Mayhem (Pioneer Entertainment/Pioneer Animation) (July 1996)
    Aquarian Age TCG (Broccoli) [8]
    Arcadia (White Wolf Publishing, Inc.) (August 1996)
    Austin Powers Collectible Card Game (Decipher, Inc.) [9] (December 1999)
    Avatar: The Last Airbender Trading Card Game (Upper Deck Entertainment) [10]
    Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game (Precedence Entertainment) (November 1997)
    Bakugan Battle Brawlers (Spin Master) [11] (2008)
    Banemaster: The Adventure (Chessex) (August 1995)
    Baseball 3010 (ImagiNation Sports, LLC.) [12]
    Battlelords (New Millennium Entertainment) (August 1995)
    Battlestar Galactica Collectable Card Game (WizKids) [13]
    BattleTech Collectible Card Game (Wizards of the Coast) (November 1996)
    Bella Sara (Hidden City Games) [14] (November 2006)
    Beyblade Trading Card Game (Decipher, Inc.) [15]
    Bible Battles Trading Card Game [16] (2008)
    Bionicle Trading Card Game (Upper Deck Entertainment) [17]
    Bleach Trading Card Game (Score Entertainment) (May 2007) [18]
    Blood Wars Card Game (TSR, Inc.) (March 1995)
    Bratz Fashion Party Fever Game (Upper Deck Entertainment) [19]
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collectible Card Game (Score Entertainment) [20]
    C-23 ARC System (Wizards of the Coast) [21] (April 1998)
    Call of Cthulhu Collectible Card Game (Fantasy Flight Games) [22]
    Cardcaptors Trading Card Game (Upper Deck Entertainment) [23]
    Case Closed Trading Card Game (Score Entertainment) [24]
    Chaotic Trading Card Game (4Kids Entertainment) [25] (27th June 2007)

    Full list here:
    List of collectible card games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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