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    Default Fight Klub: "Best Deck" Contest for set ONE!

    Got this email:

    Dear :

    If you haven't had a chance to check out the Fight Klub website lately, I wanted to let you know that we are sponsoring a contest to select the "best decks" for the six characters in set ONE. The submission criteria is listed on the "Best Decks" Contest in the forums, but briefly the rules are as follows:

    • Any legal cards are usable from ONE, TWO or Black Beauty2;
    • You must use at least one of each signature card;
    • At least 10 of the 26 cards in the draw stack should be from that character's suite of cards (movie title);
    • Members may enter one deck per character; entries for more than one character are permitted.

    The prize is 3 Kilos of ONE, 3 sets of energy stones, and 4 packs of 100-count clear card sleeves for each of the six character's “Best Decks” selected. (Warning: Winners' handles will be featured in marketing efforts on the web – so don’t enter if you don’t want your handle to become famous!) All entries must be received by midnight on April 30th in order to qualify. You can submit entries on the forum thread, via private Fight Klub message to dPresident, or via fax to (757) 622-3006, Attn: Cindy.
    If you have not yet purchased the Fight Klub TCG, it's time to buy a Kilo of ONE to hone your deck-building skills and enter the contest! Visit the Fight Klub store at www.decipher.com.

    If you need assistance remembering your handle or accessing the site, please contact dCustomerService@decipher.com.

    We look forward to seeing you on the Fight Klub website soon!


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    Default Re: Fight Klub: "Best Deck" Contest for set ONE!

    Anyone here win

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    Default Re: Fight Klub: "Best Deck" Contest for set ONE!

    I tried entering for that, but unfortunately didn't win. Then again, that was when I didn't have any of the product and wasn't able to playtest any. I'm in charge of California Regionals in SoCal now though, so if any of you who live in the SoCal area are interested, feel free to drop me a line. L8r for now.



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