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    Default Fight Klub Forums

    Other then Decipher's official Fight Klub Forum, what other Fight Klub forums are there?

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    Default Re: Fight Klub Forums

    Decipher's the only site atm that really has an official forum for the game since it is their product after all. The only other threads I've seen regarding it are the invites like peeps such as myself spread or the reviews as perceived by the peeps who aren't already in the game and may be a bit leery as such.

    The only other thing which isn't related to what I said above is a recent interview on decktech.net w/Tim Ellington regarding some things that are going to be seen in FK's future including a new keyword which is mentioned there. So far Morph is the most noticeable keyword due to showing up on the Black Beauty cards, but I'm curious to see what Dominance will bring to the table.

    All ya gotta do to get access to the official Forums is to get invited. Feel free to use my invite on these forums as such...if ya haven't already that is. :P



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