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    Default Making your own Trading Card Game

    I have an idea for a Trading Card Game.

    But I have no clue for the process of inventing a trading card game. Like how do I contact companies with my idea? Or should I publish it myself? Packaging, distribution, and such.

    Also do you think I could really make money out of this?

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    Default Re: Making your own Trading Card Game

    You could try and contact the big publishers like Decipher, Upper Deck and Wizards of the Coast... but I don't think thatll get you anywhere since I am sure thousands of people email them every day with their trading card ideas

    I'd therefore suggest to start small, like first make the cards yourself from paper and cardboard (Draw the pictures yourself or find a friend who is talented in art) then try the game out with friends and improve it based on your comment.

    Then you can try maybe publishing it yourself at first, like find a small print shop (this will cost money though obviously) and spread the word on the internet, see if it catches on

    Good luck.



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