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    Default Where can I buy Fight Klub?

    Anyone know where I can get Fight Klub cards? I checked 2 of my local comics stores and none of them carried that game. I also checked Ebay and its not there.

    I went to the Decipher website but couldnt figure out where the information is.

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    The only way to buy the game is first to get invited and then to go to the Store once you're in. If you do consider purchasing something, they'll need valid credit card info first of course. The game's only about 2 weeks old atm since it went public...it's been in development for over a year now. I know this due to being invited to the game twice back in April of '08 by the admin of Decipher. Had to earn my Founding Mentor status by filling out an application.

    The nice part about the game is that once you get invited by a Founding Mentor, you can invite peeps yourself and become a Mentor if someone decides to join under your name. Check my invite link if you're wanting to join up. L8r for now.



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