Hello, I am helping a friend selling a collection of 'toys' from her late husband. There are a number of items such as;

Grendizer (standing robot at 15'')
Gi Joe from late 60's early 70's (Orange suit - Pilot with some accessories)
Taun taun with Han Solo riding it (Han Solo is about 12'' - big display)
Johnny West (Cdn version in green color - Campfire 'model' with accessories + Horse + saddle)
Figurine from Planet of the Apes (one of the 'seniors with orange hair)
Lego Moon landing set (built)
Luke Skywalker figurine (about 13'')
Darth Vader figurine (about 13'')
Battle droid (about 13'' also)
R2D2 and C3P0 figurines
Chewbacca figurine
Gomorrean Guard figurine (13'')
Wolverine 'head knockers' model (8'')
Two Terminator figurines (one endoskeleton, one dressed up)
Three small figurines (anakin/luke/darthvader) 'Russian doll principle'

Pls reply at your convenience or forward inquiries to collectorqccan@hotmail.com
I am location in the Montreal area and open to reasonable offers.

The goal is to help my friend as her husband was my best buddy since 1981. At the same time, if someone can enjoy these, I am sure a fair price for both parties can be reached.

I will also post some 'diecast' in the appropriate thread.


Thank you